Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 88 Just to much x)

 Here is what I've done in the second half of October.

Well, this might look like I was productive, but i don't really feel that way somehow.
If you take into account, that the semester is now finally over, I can be content with this much but not really happy.
However, Things over here are just going according to plan. With my first real crit received and so many good things happening in my life. I just really feel amazing.
As you can see I'm trying a lot of stuff and i really want to expand my knowledge, and I know where i have to get better.  - Everywhere -
I discovered that my short-term-memory for details really is my strength, but the creation of new designs, vehicles, poses and such is really bad. I have to train my constructive side a lot more. Perspective for one, or Basic forms. When I use them they feel to forced, they should come out without thinking about them to much, rather than that they should just feel like a means to express design...

This video really thought me so much about the brain and foreshadowed the things, that I still have to learn, not only concerning the brain but everything. (Its about how we perceive and process visual information)
It really is some tough knowledge, I'll probably have to watch it again, once or twice till I get all the Information out. This is strongly connected to color and why we should use gamut swatches for example.

Thats it for that matter, for now.

I found out, that my greatest issue with learning and working is the structure that seems to be completely missing. My working process is a total mess. I don't follow specific steps and almost never push a thing to its fullest ... I just always go like alla prima for idiots, smash some paint on the canvas and render it out till I feel it looks nice.
Uh Uhhh!
Well, that's why, I started this Bat-Bountyhunter-Guy. And I really thought about him, how his Character is, why he is the way he is and ofc all the fun sci-fi stuff about him.

The first concepts above showed me the limitations of my skills.
He isn't finished yet but its getting there, I like the composition better and better but I hope to get more critique before i go over to finishing him. And that will happen!

There is so much going on the last few weeks, I can't possibly tell all of it.
I'll be back for Post 100 in 12 days, I just have to get some things done to reach my goal for day 100. Damn, I really am surprised how good it feels, to finally get some structure and order going in my life.

Have a greate one,

regards Mitch 

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