Thursday, March 14, 2013

24 Animal Studies

Man this really took some time, but i kept em back and did studies to show up here! I'm proud i made it. :) Seventeen of them were done from February till now. Why 24 Animals? Because two for each month, one small and a big relative.
This Semester is done just one more badge of prints (the covers i posted before)
 and I'll go over to some Portfolio/Diploma work.
Last week i couldn't make a post, it was just to hardcore with those Brochures...
man i hate em, but admitted they somehow managed to turn out better than expected. :D
So now that's it for the blabla.
Eat this!

all of the animals shown above are studies and not meant for commercial use.

for December i went a little Fantasy, that was fun

most of my Projects for this semester, but yea .. could only fit like 40% in one picture
 (and yea we made a card game) :D

Have a great one people!

nice regards :)

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