Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 100 !!! Resumé

So there it is. Day 100.


Yea, I reached my set goal, to get more order. I'm very happy and a little proud about that.
If you wan't to know what comes next read on further below
Here are some studies and sketches for now. I'm doing some Gesture drawing stuff... sucking at that. And another Selfportrait from today. The drawing sucks baaaaaad, I don't look that friggin smashed... Used my webcam for that and yea... at least the contrast seems to be ok for now. More monochromatic stuff to come.

Mitch wants honey :)

Ain't he sweet?

Well, well, back to my Deathline.
Now that I reached this goal, the road has been cleared for some further changes..
A New Semester started and with that new class projects are threatening to interfere with my improvements.
So for Day 150 Which will be around Sylvester I want to get at least some of them out of the way.
Those are The projects that I want to finish during those 50 Days.

- Design a Deck of Cards with at least 52 Cards in them. (We don't need to illustrate them all, it's for Calligraphy class ... I chose a fantasy theme )

- Create a Calender with illustrations. Theme: "... is Bigger than ... "

- Very short animated spot in Black and white. (its totally up to me what I do there, but I wan't to do this good anyway and try some of the ideas portrayed  in "Framed ink".

I've got some more but those will take more time and with some of them I can't rush it.
My idea for my diploma is becoming more clear each day.
Yea I know its still 700 Days but after today's great performance(the epic failure of a selfportrait)
the idea really seams to be the simplest part. Now I've got to prepare for it with more specific studies.

Have a great one!


Mitch :)

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