Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 121

Hi there :)
Sorry it's taken me so long, and for being such a lazy piece of - . Was in a bad spot the last two weeks... I'm thankful to be out of that.

Here are some gestures and sketches have, fuuuun. :D

Yea. I love doing what i want :D
Now I've been learning about composition and it's pretty new to me, but fun as hell.
Its funny how some intentions of other artists reveal themselves to you, just by knowing some terms.... The heightened awareness of composition, i've got just by reading framed ink was really refreshing.
I'm doing gesture drawing again but my own way now. I think my teachers just confuse me right now, most of them trying to push me in diffrent directions, at least where the human figure is concerned. 
These gestures took 60secs each. I'm useing "" for them.
Well, well, there will be a little step by step, of me painting a Bust of a roman-frogface-legionnaire. :D
Don't worry, his expression is just so freaking frog-like, but see for yourself  I'll post him in a few days.

There is just one day to go, then it's weekend again!!!
Have a nice one!



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