Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 123 - in da place to be ... :D


Hi guys.
Yesterday was amazing. The legionnaire is still not finished. Will have to go back up there on Monday and try it.
However I started something. A little experiment. My illustration class teacher showed us some of the guys who revolutionized comics in the ninety's(Ashley Wood, Simon Bisley and some others) and I was so inspired, that I had to try some new techniques, combining things i know with some new ideas. Here is the workflow.

This was so much fun!!!
I'll keep doing this I think. This is supposed to be a cover for project from illustration-class.
The transparent red color mixed with turpentine felt surprisingly marker-like.
Used Pentel Color Brush and Pilot O.4 for the sketch and then went over it with oils. Used only turpentine and  linseed oil as medium. The pre sketches for this, can be found in the previous blogpost here
And well I'ts not completely finished yet, I'll have to retouch it a little bit in PS to make the edges nice and crisp, and to add some type.

Have a nice Weekend. :)

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