Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 191

Alright it's Thursday again.
This week i turned in a website assignment for class(about 12hrs of codeing)... well now that thats done, i got around to do some more studies. Head studies.
I'm just not good enough at drawing yet... the painterly approach, I am most confident using, leaves so much room to cheat my way out of fundamental mistakes in early stages... I don't want that.
Well I've given the Loomis-method, for drawing the head, a shot. Watched Proko's tutorials like a hundred times for that. They are now like imprinted on my hard drive.
It's still kind of hard and feels somewhat alien, but I definitively  felt improvement with it today. Decide yourself :) .

Ya.. Was losening up, and doodling around trying some new positions to hold the tablet in, when i recognized those shapes as, Emperor Pilaf from Dragon Ball. Just pushed them some more and gave em a little personal twist. Very fast that one. Post 200 is coming up fast, so I'll rant some more then hopefully i've got some more stuff to show by then as well :)

Have a great one!

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