Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 200 Review

Yes so there it is 1/4 of the way.

I'll now use this occasion to reflect on the past 200 days. I started out with these goals:

1# To Create a stunning diploma, that I can be proud of and that could be sold with good consciousness. (The Work within that diploma is supposed to be my portfolio).

2# To become super healthy and super fit. Which means that during these 800 days I want to do sports almost every day even if it is just 15 minutes of crunches and push-ups(weekends excluded). And to lose 25lbs for good, doing so.

3# To get a lot more organized and to work with more discipline.

Looking back to the start I can't help but wonder what keeps changing my spirit.
The answer is easy, its myself. Those are some strange revelations.
The design Academy's workload is going insane on me. And I really hate some of these assignments, denying it is futile.  Getting it done wasn't quite as easy as i'd hoped 200 days ago, infact some of those assignments are still going on. My resolve got shaken a couple of times. Then, when i was reading the blog of a friend, I was kind of pissed at myself, for not doing what he was doing and that's when i started to get up early. I mentioned this before, but yes i defiantly noticed a slight improvement in my work again.
Recently I was confronted with my older work and to my surprise it was good. The way I worked has basically changed, my fundamentals were on the right track back then. That i can see that now, is incredible to me and tells me, that i grew to understand these things better.
Also my learning process has changed. Now it is more like learning theory, rehearsal and a lot of applying the learned theory.

 Now, I've reached day 200 and concerning the diploma I'll soon be starting the conceptual phase.
The idea is all up there in my head and i can't wait to get it out. But first things first. There are still some greater assignments i need to handle, before i can start working on it in good spirit.

The super-healthy part is working out splendidly with my morning exercises, plus they help loosen up some tension.

Sadly the organized part went good until we decided to renovate one of my rooms. I've basically got no couch or comfortable place for people to sit. And this really sucks when u just want a nice place to sit down and draw in your sketchbook or invite other beautiful people over who would draw with you, or would be drawn. ;)

Here are some Graphic-novel Covers, I did for one of those class projects. Those are probably not the final versions, but whatever.

I only claim copyright for the sketch and creative content I created, Assasins-Creed-type and logo belong to Ubisoft.
This illustration is a study and not meant for commercial use

Sorry to use 2 types on that last cover. It was the closest thing i had to the other one.

Well so that's basically what I wanted to say. A yea. There's one other thing :)

Thanks for stopping by!

have a great one :)

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