Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 259

Hey there.
Its been a few days again.
I've got Vacation now, and i'm trying to get as much done as possible.
So, I've finally started to work on my Diploma and this feels like a huge mountain of Work to climb, even with 541 Days to go. I have figured out a lot of stuff lately, concerning my philosophies.
Having this wonderful isolation again where almost nobody disturbs me is sometimes heavy and yet you get to a deeper level with yourself.

My diploma has a big part Sci-fi in it. Too bad that Sci-fi involves stuff i don'T usually do to often...
like environments and other stuff that requires a lot of perspective knowledge.
The past two weeks I've been fighting with Spaceships, and well the digital line-art still kinda sucks, (probably because I'm to impatient with it) but I've managed to find an approach i'm very happy with.
I use alchemy for inspiration, loosely paint over that in PS and establish my perspective on that sketch, after that i design and render it out. I've got some cool results with that method.
Well sorry for not showing them, but I can't show you stuff from my diploma yet. However, in between time, I'm still doing some little drawing games, figure and Head studies to not get rusty doing them. Here are some.

Have a great one.

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