Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 278

Hey Guys not much to say now...
These were all some fun doodles in between. I really love experimenting, the robot is the result of some fancy techniques i picked up and mixed from various great artists like Anthony Jones, Feng Zhu and recently the great Scott Robertson.
Now that i try to save as much time as possible it appears that the right technique at the right place can save a lot of time, pain and work. There is still many a pointless brushstroke in there, but to get this result within 2 and a half hours makes me happy, when I compare it to the stuff, I did just half a year ago.
Yes, Yes it still sucks I know, especially because there is like no real perspective, except from the atmospheric one, but i'm happy it sucks a little less than before.

Have a nice week guys

regards :)

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