Monday, May 27, 2013


Hi guys,
It's been a while. Right now i'm doing a lot of storyboards i re-read the the story and now i'm planing out the guidelines for my Diploma. So basically the only things i do right now are thumbnails, design sketches, storyboards and the bigger part of the construction brain-work. I've even made some sort of battle-plan, on how I intend to approach the work.

So about those sketches, they were mostly for fun. The Mech-suit designs are still somewhat unrefined. The Mechs on top, were done with some design background in mind and might even be an early stage of the designs, i'm running with for the project. The bottom one however was just some random custom-brush-inspired speed-painting thing. I didn't spent more than 2 hours on either of them.
Those are the things i enjoy most at the moment. I found this thumbnail and storyboard stuff to be hard work. It might somehow be connected to the fear of the white page thing, where u stare at the blank page just reflecting whats going on inside your brain... nothing.
Well, well, I know this is not much, but really uploading all those storyboards and little studies and Brushpen sketches would take some insane amount of time, as they are piling up toward 20 A3 pages already, excluding the digital stuff. Maybe later when i can filter the really bad ones out. :D

Have a great one guys,

Always yours <3

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