Sunday, November 17, 2013

So this is it...

Hey guys,
I've got an announcement to make. This will be the last post for my Challenge.
I'll show a few recent experiments, studies and spit-paints, following up with an explanation-rant, why I'm stopping the challenge.
Jeez Some of these might even be older than a month.

spitpainting (Spitpaintings are speedpaintings without photos don in a maximum of 30 minutes) spacecowboy

turret mech thing spitpainting

jungle scout spitpainting

most recent spitpainting astronout wizard

1 h just for fun

alien queen advanced version of a spitpainting 2.5 hrs

Harlequin demon advanced version of  a spitpainting 2.5 hrs

done a few month back, cropped for this post, took about 4 hrs all in all

I've come a long way, I realized that now. 4 Years ago, when I was still in military service, I was literally lying in the dirt, and sleeping outside at -7 °C and now I'm in my snugly command-chair in my home office, doing my own thing and enjoying the life I envisioned back then.
I've struggled, pushed myself over the edge, payed for that and was rewarded with wisdom. There are still some more hurdles to overcome and one of those is to finish my diploma with excellence.

When i twisted my right ankle I've got a different angle on things again, had a lot of things to think about and also a few more new influence and thoughts on the way I handle this situation.
First of all I'm not happy with my internet presence, I can't give it the love I would like to give it and right now it is just not as effective as it could be.
I can't show the work i'm doing  for my diploma, so this blog is just putting on more pressure.
My calculations go in about 1000 hours just for the Project work itself, marketing and skull-cracking mind-work excluded. So I'm doing the logical thing and try to channel my energies on the tasks at Hand.

I prioritize some other things right now, for example deeper studies on action, rhythm and graphical statements or my lefty training which i started half a week ago. 
I changed my mind about that as-well, it is a great opportunity for growth and it will make me less depended on my right Hand (and it's occasional tendinitis fall-backs).

So that's it. You know where to find me :)

Have a great one guys and all the best to you


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