Sunday, September 22, 2013

417 a productive week

Hi guys!
I'm quite productive as of late... this is as always a little less than half of the stuff i've done this week... wow.. its true, i swear! :D
I figured out a problem that i was having...
It took a bit long for me to get it but i guess I understand it now.
I didn't want to work on some asignments, and because of that i didn't draw and paint quit as much. Seeking distractions from those tasks i want to avoid...

Last week i stood up early one day and because of my right foot situation, i couldn't go to design school.
So i was up, and didn't want to go back to sleep. So i made a study, trying to use the lasso tool evectively, which you can find below.
After that i went on to one of those tasks and painted 6 hours on it, with a few short breaks in between.
The point being, that after the little work, done in the morning, i've had a lot more
energy to work on every little other task at hand. I worked from 9am to like 10pm and felt like i got shit done that day.

Well this kind of momentum is simply something that you can't seem to build up when you come home from design-school at 4pm with 4 sets of 1 1/2 hour classes.
However I've found out a few other things this week.
I picked up a technique that i'm pretty comfortable with, which also seems to be a huge time saver for the way i approach painting. It feels a bit like oil-painting. Still gotta go deeper into that technique, but it's results look promising to me so far.
The other thing is drawing in my Moleskin with a Pilot G-Tec-C o.25 and o.4.
Haha this showed me once again, that going about drawing in a stiff and tight way really just gives you mediocre results.

Spitpainting is growing on me too :) . Now enjoy my work and experiments and crit it if you like :)

Have a great one Guys!


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