Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 410 or is it?

Well my dear Followers...
Its been a few days again. A Post has been long overdue...
Just a couple of things to say before I update u on my latest paintings and such.
Last Sunday I fell, on my way back home attaining this beautiful-piece-of-shit ligaments Rupture in my right ankle, once again. Now that one week has passed, I hope i can go back to the academy tomorrow, but it kinda still hurts and I will have to wear this splint for a couple more weeks...
That being said a test diploma will be due in a few weeks and this situation makes things a bit complicated.
So One could imagine that I'm a bit stressed, but not really.
The time where i bother with this kind of stuff seems to be over.
Although I want to deliver good work, stressing myself to accomplish something I don't really think is necessary, isn't part of that deal for me anymore.
I'm probably gonna cry the last few days and make it out with a c- or something like that, not that i'd be against any better mark. But the truth is Idn'tcr.
My real diploma counts and I'm behind schedule.

Anyway here are a few things, not all of them, I had fun with over the last couple of weeks, before and after the ankle thing has happened.

Who knows when you hear from me again?
Have a great one,



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