Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 171 Them nifty Color Brushes!

You may find the 'blabla' part below :)

2h doodling in class while teachers babble about stuff ( well i drew this more on the side ;) ).


damn these random awesome parts

1h oil on acryliced canvas


Yea so there it is.
The holidays are finally over and so that powerful oppression of loneliness got finally wiped away...
All the doubts, that put u down, when you shut yourself out of everything else to force yourself to work...
That doesn't work somehow.
When I came back to one of my illustration teachers the first thing he said was.
"Oh... You got better again." That was kind of nice, because that killed some of the doubts.
Well now they just seem like a positiv aspect to help me grow.
I know that I have to change some things to improve further and because I hate my stuff a lot right now, that just means, that i have to terminate the things that bug me about my work. It's also a good thing because I know I'm doing something wrong, even in my better pieces or maybe especially within them.

In order to enhance my improvement and the progression of my goals I now get up at 6am and go to bed at around 10:30pm.
 In the Morning I do a quick workout from about 10-30 minutes depending on which muscles i train. Then right after the shower and a protein shake, I pick up the pencil and draw something about 30-60 minutes. Right after that I'm heading out for Art-school.

Sketching and drawing has become something i want and need more of. There are many nice bits and pieces here and there I just have to figure out how to put them together better.
And man, I got problems with this stupid anatomy... all female faces i draw tend to suck very bad...
I'm probably doing the construction wrong somewhere but then again to much construction makes them look freaking old. I've actually drawn some more, they don't suck much worse then the ones i've uploaded.
My greatest strength right now seems to be a painterly approach, but thats where i just paint over my mistakes... I want to keep mistakes from happening within the drawing phase.
Well, I'll keep at it for this month. Lets see what comes around. Some of the effects i scored with the ColorBrushes are pretty neat. These Brushes feel really nice as a tool for sketching, and they're so versatile in execution. Until recently I didn't even know u could mix them with water, with that the possibilities seem endless and their price cheap.

Keep workin guys!

Have a great one!

regards, Mitch

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