Thursday, January 24, 2013

day 177

Another Week goes by,
here are the things I've done these past 6 Days, minus another Cover in progress, I'll post next week.
Still want to work on it a few more days.
So far so good.
I think its time to sit down and decide on a technique to push, so i finish more work faster...
A few of my instructors still confuse me, but i'll just keep doing what i do. Their critique is usually useful once i understand what they mean and how to implement it into my approach.
The Time is getting close where I have to start sketching for my diploma or it wont turn out as planned.
I feel my work benefits greatly from the new schedule(I get up at 6am, go to bed at about 10:30pm), plus I'm feeling more happy and healthy with it, too.
So here they come, four studies, done right in the Morning.




The ref for them is all taken from mjranum-stock. On the Third one I failed, because I overslept a bit. There are shortcomings within all of them though. I see some of them too. Personally i favor #4 and #2 but i think i learned more from using the kind of crosshatching with the form of #1. And, yes I used a fancy adjustment layer to push some color contrast in. :)
What do you think? Which technique should I stick too?

Well here goes the rest of them sketches done this week.

Have a great one guys!

until next week ;)

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