Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ranting about focusing time Day 166

Here are some thoughts about focusing time.

"Yea this really is a great topic!

Personally I believe that many more people could make a living of art, but are to afraid to compete with the pros.
Fear is the path to the dark side, fellas! Rise and shine in the glory of hard work and your pursuit of happiness.

hrr hrrm :D

I don't know if I'm the only one but I couldn't draw and paint 16+ hours a day, at least I can't right now. Yes those guys who do are the Rockstars of the industry, but that does not mean you need to be one of them to be happy.
Yes If you want to be very good you have to do a lot of hard work, but I believe you have to have some kind of balance too. 
I learned this the hard way... RSI ... learned to live and work with it.

I believe it is very good to be an enthusiastic person, with passion for many things that come across you on your life's journey. There are so many beautiful things...

How much work is it f.e. to read NationalGeographic once in a while? Or how bad is it for your art to read cool inspiring books? Put the games aside, they don't help enough, in fact most of them just get you addicted.
I love reading, because through reading you fill your mind with beautiful ideas, knowledge and fiction. Same goes for watching Movies, tutorials, clips or the discovery channel...
I'm not saying you should take in everything, but the things you're interested in and the things you can develop some kind of passion for. :)

For example for a short period, I was kind of obsessed with the human brain. How we learn, or why Savons (handicapped persons with extraordinary abilities) are able to perform the most extraordinary tasks like remembering hundreds of books word for word. These guys could f.e. tell you any word or sentence within a specific book, but have severe difficulties in other fields.

Understanding how the brain works was very interesting and could be taken into account  when thinking about a training-schedule, to improve your arts...

ALSO this might give you something else to talk about, and socialize with people, who are not that deep into this art thing as you are.  ;)

Be observant of this beautiful world and live in it.

I'm still studying graphic and communication -design, which keeps me away from concentrating most of my energies on my concept-art-related  study-work. But I do my best to reach my short-term goals.
For example I changed my daily schedule. Now I get up very early, do some sports and after a little drawing warm up i start working on assignments or my skills. I don't think you need 16 hours a day to improve, 10-12 will do fine, as long as a part of your brain is still running the "art maniac program" the next day. Sometimes it takes months for me to realize that I have improved but I somehow always do eventually. ^^

Ouff that's a bit much. Hope anyone reads it.

If you did, Thanks.
Have a great one!"

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