Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 21"The other Sirene" progress and rant

Hey :)

Here the process of the painting.

first the sketch, then basic mood, then slowly indicating light and shade, and then just back and forth adding details and setting the lights.


why did I think I have made a major breakthrough? Well that is because, I let go of my doubts. I mean I know I'm still not as good as I could be but it is definitively getting there.
Last Friday I was at gamescom. It was amazing, a lot of fun and i got so many new impressions. It is so good to see the aftermath of what you will be creating some day and especially to meet the audience. Well I started the day pretty early at 7am to go there and I left at 7.30pm.
After I came back I could barely move from the howl walking but I was so enthusiastic that I sat down and started sketching, right after I made some black tea and drank two cups.
The energy I suddenly had was a miracle to me, I just wanted to paint and it all worked. I was never before that organised while working on a piece and the story i built behind the concept was a really cool one too, (at least I thought so and still do :).)
At the early stages, especially that night it felt as if I was suddenly one of those super awesome guys who paint those beautiful things. I tried out stuff went back and forth and some of those things felt like things I saw  from Dave or Feng. I suddenly understood, that all this time before, I was in my own way. The improvement with this piece is clear to me and yet when I look at it the best part was the drawing stage where I had most "aha" effects. After the drawing stage I started to make mistakes, which I clearly see now... I know why because its the first time I got so far. Level of detail is a big one fore example.
I'm freaking impatient, that is another great mistake that I make frequently.
I never came this far although I had the skill-set ready, no wonder I mess up the rendering. Well i'm still very happy and thankful for this experience. I have to add that i almost never use reference which will now change knowing this could be another mistake. I have to get more structured. All these daily sketches they might be fun, but they are not getting me that much further. The anatomy has to work of course, but I really have to filter more and stop uploading random stuff.
I'll go back to updating weekly from now on. Next week I'll make the leg- and feet- week. Which means I want to draw one-hundred feet with legs that week or well maybe sixty. after that I shouldn't be afraid of drawing them anymore. I try to handle my biggest problems that way now just tackling them. I can do this stuff, I know it, I just have to do it more seriously.
There is another thing coming up, its design school I got only two weeks vacation left. Lets try to make them count. 
So I said I've got much to say, well I doubt there are that many people who give a rats ass about what I'm writing here, right now, so I'll do it just for myself and the few special people who do. Thank you for reading this.

Have a great one

bb regards.


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