Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ork Soulharvester unfinished

Hey Guys

Because I'm a man of my Word. Here is some more explanation, why I created this blog and how I intend to  go on.

Lets start by talking about my first Goal.
#1 Was to create an awesome diploma, which I'm proud of and that could also function as my Portfolio.
My design-school does basically teach everything you could come across in the whole design industry. This is not a bad thing but it is tiring for sure.
In this diploma you are supposed to do the the marketing of your product, check if the design is coherent, and if anything else around it fits together too. Well You know, I want to do Illustration and it just comes to short if I would do it like most of the other students of my school. And I wont waste one day rerunning one semester to do the job right...
So i thought about it and came up with a little plan.
Right now I'm at a stage, where I am confident in my skills. I'm still not as good as I could be and therefore I want to do more, but I also know that just doing more wont improve my work the way I would need it to be to do my diploma.
I need a structure of learning. The things I will have to illustrate for my diploma will be about Charakterdrawings/ Portraits, techninical stuff and vehicles, Landcapes(sci-fi) and probably a big Part of storytelling.  My daily drawings are supposed to be angled towards those things to improve them.
I ordered a new Wacom tablet, because my old one is crapping out on me. I hope it really is an improvement to work on an Intuos4 L compared to working on a Bamboo M fun.
Because i got the 4L 150 bucks cheaper it's coming in a week from now.
Well Anyway, going back to the studying, the next 150 Days I want to maintain this hardcore studying method and then slowly shift towards actually sketching out ideas for the diploma. Lets see how this is going to work out.
Well this is it for #1.

#2 was the fittness and health part. For that, i can say that I really managed to do sports every day during the week and  already feel the improvement. Next week i'll increase the intensity of  my exercises. I feel I can push it some more now. :)

Thanks if you read through this Stuff I really appreciate it.

There are several paintings I am working on right now I'll probably have something new to show next sunday until then, this has to suffice.

This is part of a painting I have worked on for months, because I couldn't paint much at that time... u know...
I did not want to upload it unfinished but since I am just beating it do death I'm not gonna finish it and because I've got nothing else to show this week, I just might do it anyway. So here it is, Gumi Oun'drak Soulharvester.

She was just one of these projects, you stick to waaaayyy to long...

Have a greate one.



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