Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 13, The Cybernetic Voyager

Hi Guys,

So As promised yesterday, today i got The new Piece for you.

Cybernetic Voyager

The Deathline had a little interruption last week I earned some money skipping my hometown for 27hrs...
However as you can see i worked none the less. Tomorrow I think I'll do some landscape studies. Maybe I even life-stream them. I have to get better at landscapes and especially at painting futururistic cities for my diploma.
Maybe showing some paintings fits this blog better then random sketches, although I think I'm getting a lot out of em...
Now that I've got my Intuos the working process was a lot more fun somehow and even faster.
It also goes easy on my Hand, so that I can work a long time, before I have to take a break.
Well I guess I haven't got as much to say as during the previous weekly weigh-ins, maybe next week. Until then ;)

Have a great one