Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 43 inks inc.

The Coming weeks are getting crazy. Nonetheless I'm experimenting again. Tried out some fancy new combo of pastels and brushpen.
This guys is awesome... Yoji Shikawa painting solid snake. Amazing guy.
This is sort of what inspired me to get into doing something more with the brushpen.
All drawings down today. The harpie idea is a little older but i didn'T like the first example... so i tried some new variations and came up with #2, which sucked even worse going over to number 3 which i eventually liked a bit more.
The painting process will still be going on and i've got some more paintings coming up but I wana leave something to show for tommrow. Of course there will be more drawings as well ;).
Crits are very welcome.(Need to grow!!!)

Have a nice one.

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