Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 34


It's a Monday, the first Monday after summer-term-vacation. The first month of my challenge is done.
I'm updating the blog now because its about time i write something in here again ...
aaand I figuerd out my third goal.
Now I'll just mention it quickly and go back to work because there's an awful lot piling up.
Last week was one of these weeks, where my motivation took a break.
I had to do the designschool stuff again well however here is the third goal.

3# To get a lot more organized and to work with more discipline.

These to aspects are needed ofcourse I will need them to reach my to top goals.

What this goal means is essentially the way I live. There seems to be a lack of efficiacny in everything I do at this moment. My Artwork for example, I just kinda smear around without plan, only having a few steps in mind... This method works to paint one painting that is ok but it just wont do when I have to do large amounts of illustration work for the diploma. Where as during my working days I need to get my time better managed, there seem to be about 2-3 hours lost to unnecessary stuff like getting lost on Facebook or to games. Don't get me wrong I love games and TV shows but this has to come after my days work in a chill out time, f.e. before going to bed.
Concluding this there is one thing left to say, which is, that you can only do one thing at a time. You have to finish one thing before going over to the next, this is crucial to get things done, otherwise you might have to start over with things you just left hanging in the process. Its like shooting with bows. With one shot you can only hit one goal. you can't shoot 2 arrows. Just go for one target after the other.
So I will tackle this goal now, and go on, step by step.

Whooo i just heard the golden-boys are back. I think I'll take this month and dedicate it to studying environments. But for now here is a small selfportrait study I did for class(thats why the eyes need to be this big). 2 1/2 hours.

I've painted and drawn several things but some things are not quite ready and some are not so desirable...
So  I'll try and put up something cool next week hopefully alongside some goldeboy stuff.

have a great one

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