Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 50 resumé

Hi there
Today I'm pretty critical about what I achieved within these 50 Days.
The past week was and the upcoming two will be totally filled with work for Design-school and "commision work".
I'm not happy with the fact, that I didn't do studies and it really bothers me how much I suck when it comes to painting imaginative stuff for commission or class work.
Having a client who expects something, really puts pressure on top of what you do, when you yourself think you are not good enough right now. For the past week I barely slept more than 5 hours a night and for somebody who normally sleeps a lot (about 8 hours) this kind of thing sort of amplifies the feeling of failure mentioned above.
last friday i did 2 studies here they are.
I'll make another one of Tywin I wanted to make him really badass so much... but then I just had to start working on the layout crap... I'll do it again though, right after this or week there should be a lot of room for studying.
I forgot to set this landmark right. Day 50...
For Day 100, I'll have a structured time management, where I got everything i want to do under control and not piling up like that ever again. Thats my first goal right now. To get back into my deathline again.
Sorry i'm tired.
Gona go to sleep. gn8

the owl is from national geographic

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